Shihan Martin Malborough


Shihan Martin Marlborough started his martial arts career at the age of 10 years old in Dundee with boxing. He boxed for the Royal Navy on six occasions, also sparring with people like Joe Bugner, before his rise to fame, as well as training in Judo. In 1972 he joined the Perth Karate Club, training under Sensei David Stratton. For extra training he joined the Perth boxing club with the late John Kelly, a well respected boxer in his time and a very strict coach. Martin progressed in Shotokan Karate to reach the rank of Third Dan and then in 1983 he started to change his clubs to Kyokushin Karate. After two years he made the grade of first Dan once again and progressed back up the ladder to reach the grade of 6th Dan, Shihan, which he was awarded in 2010. In 1991 he was appointed Branch Chief of Scotland by the founder of Kyokushin, Sosai Masutatsu Oyama, 10th Dan. After visiting Japan on several occasions Martin has become an international Referee and Judge and a member of the Kyokushin GB grading panel. Martin specialises in Kata applications. Bunkai, (the use of the kata techniques as self defence) and in submission Jujitsu (Grappling). Also having spent some time in the Special Air Service (TA) Martin is an expert in defence against weapons. Shihan Martin has fought many times for his country and in 2005 he represented GB in the Senior world tournament in Japan. In 2006 he fought in the European senior tournament in Italy and in August 2009 he became the first person to represent Scotland at the World Senior Tournament in Japan.

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