Shihan Jose Claronino


Shihan Jose Claronino

Shihan Jose Claronino was appointed head of IKO Kyokushin in Great Britain in 1994 by Sosai Mas Oyama. Shihan Claronino was awarded his 8th Dan by Kancho Matsui, the head of IKO Kyokushin in 2015.

 Haringey Kyokushinkai Karate (HKK) was established in 1969, by  Shihan Jose Claronino. It was well respected in the seventies and eighties by the high standard of fighters it produced for full contact 'knockdown' fighting tournaments. Many of the top fighters and instructors at one time or another, have trained at HKK Dojo. These include Shihans Liam Keaveney (BKK Chairman), Roy Banton, Cyril Andrews and many many more. Shihan Claronino is now the Chief Instructor & Principal Examiner of IKO GB.

In 1975 Shihan Claronino competed in the 1st Kyokushin World Championships.

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