Well done to all Welsh competitors at the IKO British Championships. This year was the best year that Wales has ever performed, taking home a total of 21 places, and 8 British Champions!

Full results -
John Lambert - 1st Place - Bettws 
Tom John - 2nd Place - Pyle and Cornelly
Rhian Evans - 2nd Place - Barry
Leanne Lirio - 2nd Place - Barry
Justine Bolanos - 2nd Place - Barry
Scott Payne - 3rd Place - Cobra Kai
Kelly Shi - 3rd Place - Barry

Junior Kumite:
Justine Bolanos - 1st Place - Barry
Isabelle Davis - 1st Place - Port Talbot
James Shi - 1st Place - Barry
Leanne Lirio - 1st Place - Barry
Ben Bolanos - 1st Place - Barry
Jamie Lambert - 1st Place - Barry
Jessica McCann - 2nd Place - Bettws
Angel Benevant - 2nd Place - Barry
Rachel Nicholas - 2nd Place - Port Talbot 
Nikki-Lee Bailey - 3rd Place - Bettws
Cerys Jones - 3rd Place - Barry 
Mia Hudd - 3rd Place - Bettws

Rhian Evans - 1st Place - Barry
Gareth Dutton - 3rd Place - Barry
Senpai Lee was unfortunate not to place, 4th - Bettws
Congratulations to all competitors! Osu
Camp Cymru

On August 4th Barry, Bettws and Cobra Kai junior students attended a 3 day Summer training camp held at Amelia trust farm. The students were given excellent tuition from Sensei Phill and Sensei Richard McCann. 

Over the weekend the students were taught a vast range of training from Knockdown and Clicker training, to weapons and Kata training and even some Tameshiwari (breaking)......and also a little fun with a water fight and a water slide followed by a BBQ. Once again this event was a huge success for the organisation and its students had a great time. 

This annual event is run every summer and gives the juniors a great experience at a very affordable price. 
Wales Interclub Tournament

On 22nd July, Bettws Kyokushin held an interclub tournament for Wales Kyokushin, and was supported by Barry and Cobra Kai Karate clubs. Everybody who attended had a fantastic day, made new memories, and great friends. All three clubs are looking forward to the junior camp in August at Amelia Trust.

Thank you to Senpai Lee for hosting a great event.


Wales Kyokushin attend the European Championships 

On the 20th and 21st May, Wales Kyokushin attended the European Championships in Lyon, France, along with other members of Kyoksuhin GB.

Shihan Paul Greenway went to support by refereeing, and Sensei's Phill Sedgmond Richard McCann and Talib Hussain went to achieve their international judging qualification.

Barry Kyokushin student Rhian Evans went over to compete in kata, and whilst she was just short of placing, obtained a lot of experience. 

Wales Kyokushin have set their sights on participating and judging in the European Open next year in Bulgaria.
SENSEI Phill Sedgmond

Congratulations to our new SENSEI Phill Sedgmond, who successfully achieved his Sandan in Mitsumine Japan, under Kancho Matsui.


Barry Kyokushin head to Japan

Shihan Paul visited Barry Kyokushin tonight to put Barry dojo operator Senpai Phill through his paces for his 3rd dan grading in Japan. He also checked over Rhian Evans, who will be competing in kata in the world championships. 

Senpai Phill and Rhian are heading to Japan on April 12th.

Former dojo operator of Barry, Sensei Richard Males also came along to wish his student, Senpai Phill, good luck. 

Osu, good luck both from all of Wales Kyokushin. Osu.

Senpai Lee McCann

Congratulations to Senpai Lee McCann on passing his shodan grading at this years IKO Winter Camp!

Welsh Championships 2017

On Febuary 4th Wales Kyokushin hosted the Welsh Championships in Barry Memorial Hall, which was attended by clubs from Wales and England.

A great day was had by all.
Sensei Richard McCann

Congratulations to Sensei Richard McCann on passing his 3rd dan at the 2016 IKO Summer Camp!
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