IKO Wales


Affiliated to IKO Kyokushin GB, International Karate Organization Kyokushinkaikan and to the Welsh Karate Governing Body.
Shihan Paul Greenway brought the Welsh Dojos who followed Kancho Matsui into the Welsh Karate Governing Body under the name Wales Kyokushin. 

Wales Kyokushin, under Shihan Paul have organised numerous Summer Camps, annual IKO GB National tournaments and bi-annual England v Wales v Scotland Tournaments in addition to regular training courses.

Wales Kyokushin students have represented Wales at National and International Competitions including the World Tournament and European Tournaments.

Shihan Paul gained the position of European and World Referee and has been called on to referee at tournaments throughout Europe, Kuwait, New York and at the World Tournament in Japan.

Wales Kyokushin has, at the moment, 7 Dojos. New members are welcome to join the Wales Kyokushin Organisation at any of the dojos listed below.

The Dojos and instructors are as follows: 
Pyle & Cornelly Kyokushin Instructor – Shihan Paul Greenway  (5th Dan)
Newport Kyokushin Instructor - Sensei Talib Hussain (3rd Dan)

Cobra-kai Kyokushin Instructor - Sensei Richard McCann (3rd Dan)

Barry Kyokushin Instructor - Sensei Phill Sedgmond (3rd Dan)

Bettws Kyokushin Instructor - Senpai Lee McCann 1st Dan

Bridgend Kyokushin Instructor - Senpai Jason Manley (1st Dan)

Port Talbot Kyokushin Instructor - Senpai Jarred Thomas (1st Dan) 


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